Endeavour Land & New Homes

Endeavour Land & New Homes is a newly emerged luxury housebuilder with a vision to become the most respected and trusted developer in the South East, by redefining quality in the new homes market. We develop high-quality new builds which are uniquely and thoughtfully designed to deliver premium living, with bespoke features and contemporary fixtures and fittings.

At Endeavour, we identify new land opportunities in exclusive, strategic areas, most suited to our extensive customer profile. Our carefully chosen development sites provide an optimal setting in some of the most sought-after locations in the region.

“Each of our homes are built to surpass expectations when it comes to quality, enabling all who work on our projects to be proud. Whether it is a one bed starter home or a five bed luxury dwelling, the ethos is the same. We want our landowners to leave behind a legacy they can be proud of, our subcontractors and site teams to really feel part of the build process and be proud of their work and lastly our occupiers to be proud of the houses they live in.”
Nick Elliott, Managing Director

The Endeavour Team

At Endeavour, our goal is to be the most respected and trusted luxury developer in the South East region. We believe our people and values finely define us as a team and company.

Managing Director

Construction Director

Nick Elliott

Managing Director

Nick brings a wealth of experience to the table with over 20 years experience within the residential and mixed-use development arena.

Starting his career as a financial controller with Crest Nicholson Plc many years ago, Nick developed a passion not only for the numbers, but what the numbers really meant and what went behind the numbers, in terms of Land, Build and Sales.

Nick unusually for an accountant wanted to visit sites to see and understand the construction process, as well as pouring over viabilities of new and potential sites with the land team.

“I love everything about this industry and having been a joint owner of an award winning SME business for over 7 years, when the opportunity to join ranks with Ken who is equally enthused about the residential development arena I knew it was an opportunity I had to pursue.”

Whilst Nick obviously likes to keep an eye on the numbers his real passion lies in meeting land owners and helping them achieve their objective in getting a consent, which in turn we can deliver in giving good quality and sustainable homes to the public.

“My days are far from the same some days I raise at 5.30 to be on site before the site opens, so I can spend some quality time with our site managers to help understand what they need to meet their objectives and constantly scrutinising the overall quality, then it might be a flying visit to the office to catch up on much needed paper work, and then on to look at a potential new site and discover what we can do to assist the land owner and hopefully the surrounding community, then hopefully home before 7 to put my young son to bed with no doubt a dinosaur story or two.”

Like Ken, Nick is drive to succeed and the company philosophy is simple, “We want to deliver homes for people to be proud of, whether it is a one bed starter home or a five bed luxury dwelling, the ethos is the same, we want our landowners to leave behind a legacy they can be proud of, our subcontractors and site teams to really feel part of the build process and be proud of the build and lastly our occupiers to be proud of the houses they live in.”

“Only when everyone else can say they are proud of their home, can we say we are our proud of what we have delivered and to me that is our driving goal.”



Ken Harris

Construction Director

Ken has notched up almost 40 years in this industry, his resilience and skill have kept him present through some of the toughest times and changes the construction industry has experienced.

“It has been a real challenge at times, but keeping excellent quality and health and safety at the core of what we do has meant that we were able to continue to push forward to this moment, teaming up with Nick and establishing ourselves as a premium developer.”

Ken stepped on his first job in 1979 as a sole trader and has been a construction company owner since 1997, a company that still thrives today, servicing one of the largest developers in the country.  In 2005 Ken started building independently, working on developments for an award winning builder and now has clients in local authority building across several sites in Surrey.

“The industry has served me well on the most part, I have been able to grasp a 360 view of all the elements and that is key to successful managing projects effectively. When you add Nicks knowledge into the mix, it can only be a fantastic thing. We both strive for the same level of quality and both take extreme pride in what we do and the people we work with.”

Kens still finds being on site and in the thick of the most proactive position, his ability to read site progress and work dynamically to reach the target level of quality are key to the success that we hope proceeds.  However, with the fast moving pace of the job, no two days are the same.

“About the only thing the same each day in my life is the early start, and that’s ok, I do my best thinking before the rest of the world wakes up and makes too much noise!  I get to site before the rest of our team so I can have a good walk around and really think about where we are in terms of progress, programme and health and safety. It’s so important to me to be seen on site, to seek out opportunities to talk in person with subcontractors and our site management teams, it is always the most efficient and effective way of keeping our developments moving forward the way they should be.  I have been part of the house building process since I was 14 so I know my way around and have such a keen eye for detail, absolutely what is needed to build to the high standards of quality we are setting for ourselves. If I find myself in the office between meetings and site visits, the main objective is to keep an overall view of what is going on and make final decisions where necessary.  I have complete trust in our head office team so try not to interfere in the day to day items and give everyone their heads to work autonomously.  By this point 6pm or later has rolled around and it’s time for basketball practise or home to catch bedtime cbeebies with my grandson before he goes home.”



Our Values

Whether we are developing luxury properties or acquiring new sites, our set of values truly steer the way we do business.

Integrity: we always work honestly; because we believe that being clear and credible builds trust within the business as well as with our clients.

Safe choices: by consistently managing our health and safety, we are undoubtedly building the foundation for excellence.

Passion: we approach every element of our business with passion, and take enormous pride in the work we do and the impact that we make; we believe in creating excellence and letting the quality of our work speak for itself.

Excellence: with great attention to detail, collaborative working and innovative thinking, we can deliver quality homes to be proud of.

Respect: we strive to work together, empower individuals and value all contributions from our staff, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.